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Holy Week’s Maiden Voyage

Welcome to this site, which has been percolating in my mind for many moons. Holy Week is a good time to launch this effort – we hopefully have spent the last 5 weeks applying the axe to the root of our sinful ways. This is always a very revealing, painful time as the Good Lord holds up a large mirror so that we can really see ourselves honestly. Then, we know what we have to do to amend our lives and focus them on the will of God. A good priest once told me the profound value of fasting – his words to me: “fasting ALWAYS brings results” This priest is from Africa and he is always amazed at how spoiled and spiritually undedicated we Americans are. He once fasted for nine – 9 – days while his green card status was being determined.

I truly believe that what I have learned in the last 15 years about the traditional teachings of the Church on family life, marriage and Catholic spirituality can have the same beautiful effect in the lives of anyone who is exposed to them that they have had in my life. I am not a theologian by any stretch of the imagination but I can testify to the undeniable fruits and blessings of living a traditional, truly Catholic life. In short, much of the suffering going on today is occurring simply because good people don’t know what the Church teaches on how to live our lives, especially in our marriages and family relationships. Nature abhors a vacuum – it must be filled with something. The last three or four generations of Catholics have been raised in a vacuum of authentic Catholic teaching. Sadly, what has rushed in to fill the vacuum has lead to a 60% divorce rate, confusion, lost souls, broken families with scarred children, half empty churches, Protestantized liturgies and the sad list goes on and on. This blog is my effort to provide information and expose souls to what works and can still work – tradition. Father John Hardon once said that “only heroic Catholic families will survive” I hope that this site can inspire and help many Catholic
families become heroic and live their lives according to the will of Almighty God.
This blog is still under construction so please keep checking in as we near completion.