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Humility of Heart

An elementary fact related to the construction of a house, apartment buiding or other structure: the foundation comes first and is vital to the stability and duration of the entire facility. Nothing else happens until that concrete slab is poured and prepared for the next steps in the process. To build a house in any other way is to invite problems and potential disaster.
According to a simple, powerful book I am currently reading for the second time – this idea holds true in our spiritual lives as well. A foundation is the prerequisite first step and in the case of our immortal souls, the virtue of humility is that foundation. Why? Because humility is nothing more than an accurate assessment or vision of who Almighty God is, who we are and the proper understanding of the relationship between us and the Good Lord.
When that relationship is properly understood and we live according to it, then all the other beautiful virtues and qualities of a Godly person can be added unto us.
Humble people are simple – they simply believe in what they are taught by Holy Mother Church without having to have an intellectual understanding of every nuance of the faith. They do seek understanding, but their seeking is characterized by an openness to truth and a childlike obedience to Church authority. To see ourselves accurately and to see God as he really is generates a confidence and power that can propel us to live full, radiant, grace-filled lives. Humble people are not self-concious – they naturally focus their attention outward to the will of God and the needs of those souls God places in their path. Humble people are not touchy or easily offended – their realization of their nothingness before God and their dependence on Him helps them to know that they probably deserve to be criticized or admonished – they nod their heads in agreement and thank God for the chance to know themselves better. How different is that than the reaction the vast majority of us have when we are contadicted or corrected? Our pride rebels at criticism or correction and we lose our peace.
That brings us to the enemy of humility of heart – pride. Pride is the insidious enemy of our soul – every sin springs from pride – we overestimate ourselves, we prefer our own will and our own way and we defend ourselves even when we know we are wrong. Because of the fall of original sin, we are disordered in our self love and the result is blindness to the corruption that lives in us. The result of all this could lead to our damnation – we cannot spend paradise in Heaven with God without humility – because humility is truth and heaven is populated only by truth and love.
How do we become humble? Ask for this virtue every day, many times a day.
Study humility, read about it, beg God for it. He resists the proud and embraces the humble. I repeat: he RESISTS the proud and races to help the humble. A simple prayer that St. Augustine said every day and one that I have adopted myself: “May I know Thee, and may I know myself.” That is as simple as it gets. We live in a society that disdains humility and humble souls – we are encouraged to live for number 1, get all we can get, be as comfortable and rich and as fat and lazy as we can – our lack of humility is revealed in how violent and immoral and depraved we have become. We separate ourselves from God by being proud and the consequence of leaving our God is suffering and death. Without the Creator,
the creature dies. Let’s all say this prayer of St. Augustine for ourselves and those who read this blog. Jesus asked us to learn only one thing from Him –
“Learn from Me, for I am meek and humble of heart” Can it be any clearer than that? God Bless.
Book information: Humility of Heart by Fr. Cajetan Mary da Bergamo. I purchased my copy from Amazon for less than $10.

Dale Hayes Address to Home School Part 2


Dale Hayes Address to Home School

Dale Hayes Address to Home School

Over the Edge

The local newspaper recently ran a story with the following headline: “Turtle Egg Rescue at Space Center billed Big Success”. My blood pressure immediately rose as I began reading this story. It seems the local wildlife officials were deeply concerned about the effects of the gulf oil spill contaminating these defenseless, precious turtle eggs. Please don’t misunderstand – I am for protecting innocent wildlife and I am not so cold-hearted as to not care about animals being treated properly. But we cannot let things become out of proportion and devoid of common sense. Back to the turtle eggs – these eggs were delivered to safety from the gulf coast to the space center in Florida. They were transported by truck over a three month period. The article, while discussing the possible problems facing these turtles, contained the phrase “humans are also a threat”
A question: how many innocent human beings – human beings with an eternal soul – were executed in their mothers’ wombs as these trucks rumbled down the highway with their precious cargo? Do we see the insanity of what we are doing? We have devolved into a state of denial characterized by the stupidity of calling good evil and evil good. We are killing babies and calling it good and watching those who are trying to stop the killing of babies and calling them bad. We have gone past insanity and entered the theater of barbarism. We consider the environment sacred but human life expendable. We have not only accepted the sick rantings of radical feminism but we have embraced them and now promote them – even among members of the leadership of the Catholic Church.
The Roman barbarians would leave unwanted babies on the hillside to die.
Guess who would secretly save those babies and raise them – the Christians.
In post-Christian America today, the Christians are the ones leaving the babies to die while we pay a high price to save and rescue TURTLES(?)
The murderous legacy of legalized abortion is a staggering number of dead children of Almighty God – over 50 MILLION. And we wonder why God has allowed us to fall into the hands of corrupt, evil leaders?
A billboard at one of our local businesses said it very succinctly – “The best thing to do is to pray and try again.” But we will not pray if we do not believe. And we will not believe if we are not humble. If we do not humble ourselves, God will humble us in His way and His ways are not our ways.
God Bless.