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Our Kids

Life is full of painful moments, but one of the most painful is that moment when we see our own faults and
personality defects exhibited in the behavior of our children. Suddenly, a mirror is held up before us and the
ugly truth about ourselves is reflected back at us in living color. Father Corapi says that this is the mercy of God.
Mercy? This is mercy? That is the typical reply. But God’s thoughts are not our thoughts – we don’t think with
a divine mind. It would be unmerciful for God NOT to reveal these ugly things to us – how would we ever get better
or become holy without knowing what is wrong with us? If we are honest with ourselves, the most valuable
relationships in our lives are always the ones with people willing to be hard on us and give us the plain truth. We
should thank God for those humble souls who are more interested in our welfare than being in our good graces.
We are called to be holy, not nice. Nice people don’t go to Heaven, holy people go to Heaven.
The point of this post is to make us aware of how profound and powerful our influence is in the lives of our children
and to cause us to stop and think about the crucial nature of our role as parents. The temptation is to be complacent
and not be too concerned about how our kids turn out – “it’s all in God’s hands, I have given them over to Him.” That’s
all well and good but this approach leaves out or omits an important element in human realtionships – duty.
God expects us to do our part with His guidance and help. Sitting back and hoping for the best with our
strong faith in God might end up in disaster. As Jim Rohn says – “you can’t leave it to chance.” We owe it to our children
to embark on a plan of self-improvement and the attainment of holiness – that is the way we activate the grace of God
in the greatest endeavor of mankind – producing saints for Him. God Bless.