Welcome back. I have been on hiatus for several months. Sometimes the well runs dry. Just a short note to ask everyone who reads these posts  to pray and pray hard and often for America.

We take so much for granted, we sleep the heavy sleep of daily living and we don’t realize what is really happening. Jesus Himself predicted these events would come to pass. The United States

government is on the attack against Christianity. I am Catholic and proudly so, so the government’s actions against the Church pain me and scare at the same time. Our Blessed Mother always urges us to pray from the heart. America needs those prayers now. But if we combine prayer with action – speaking to as many people as we can about what is happening – great power can be unleashed against the evil that is starting to encroach upon us. The amnesty bill was defeated in Congress because of the groundswell of opposition from the general population – the folks. The politicians really take notice when the voices of the people are loud and persistent. Let us begin! God Bless.