52 Men

I attended the closing ceremony of the Pentecost Cursillo last night. 52 men made the weekend. Words are not sufficient to describe or do justice to how the Holy Spirit transforms those souls fortunate enough to enter the halls of the Cursillo Center in Prairie Rhonde, La. This is no retreat. This is not a conference. This is not a weekend getaway. This is conversion. This is life changing and something that Almighty God uses to make a lasting impression in the souls of these men. My brother used to say “the Spirit is moving in Prairie Rhonde” He was right and we witnessed what the power of God can do.
The first time I heard that a man is to be the head of his home and that he is commissioned by God to lead his family in a self sacrificing manner was shortly before I celebrated my 41st birthday. I am a middle aged dog learning new tricks. But it is exciting. It is exciting because the grace of God is always available and maybe even a little more abundant when we set out to accomplish what He intended for us to do. It is His way of encouraging us. The trials and difficulties are ever present, but when the goal is clear and in sight, the hardships are tempered by an optimistic spirit. The icing on the cake, so to speak, is when the fruit of our efforts is visible in our children. When we can watch our adult children walking in truth and pursuing the call to holiness, all the struggle will be looked back upon as well worth it.
A crucial element in all of this is our daughters being taught and groomed to be the gentle, loving, nurturing souls that God created them to be. Women are very powerful and they are very capable of exerting strong, lasting influence on their children, especially their girls. It is vital that the influence exerted on our children be such that when they marry and begin raising children, that the scene is set and the foundation is put down for them to carry on the traditions that have served humanity so well for so long. Congratulations to the Class of Cursillo 422 – Onward!!