A Married Little Boy

Just spoke to a good friend about his brother and the current troubled state of his brother’s marriage. It seems this young man works a 28 day shift for a boating company and then returns home for a two week period. In recent months, he has begun arriving home from work and then shortly after taking off for weekend jaunts with unknown “friends”.
This raised my eyebrows as these activities are a sure sign of trouble brewing or trouble already begun. I asked my friend a few questions and the ever-present, all too common problem reared its ugly head: his brother’s wife is ruling the house with an iron hand and his brother is like a little boy who just wants to play. So, he avoids her wrath and runs off to play on the weekends with his other playmates. My friend with whom I was having lunch recently told the wife in this situation that they are not living the way they were intended to live and their problems are not surprising and will continue to worsen if steps are not taken to remedy this situation.
I said in an earlier post that we as a society are blind and we have fallen into a pit. This story illustrates that point very well. The vast majority of couples who marry today do so in a state of complete ignorance of God’s design for marriage and family life. There is a giant chasm or void in the area of instruction for how to construct and build a marriage. Success and happiness are nearly impossible when we enter a situation as profound and demanding as marriage and the parenting of children in a state of ignorance.
If we could open these young people’s eyes, what would they see? The wife would see that God made her to be her husband’s helpmeet, his companion,
his cheerleader. She would see the need for her to be feminine, nurturing and supportive. The husband would see that God intended for him to lead, to be masculine, firm, dignified – someone that his wife KNOWS she can count on and follow with confident assurance. When and if their eyes are opened to these beautiful truths, life will take on a new radiance, even excitement. The alternative is the sad case described above in a high percentage of our marriages today and we are suffering because of it. Our Church leaders should be boldly and loudly proclaiming God’s simple plan for successful, happy marriages – maybe that’s why it has been discarded – it’s just so simple. Please visit christianfamilyoutreach.com to learn the Church’s teachings and philosophy for successful marriage – we owe it to our children to change this unfortunate trend NOW.
God Bless.