A Perfect Gentleman

Consider the twelve apostles – they lived with Jesus in the flesh for two and a half years, witnessing astounding miracles and preaching from the mouth of Almighty God Himself. Imagine the conversations they had with Him, the one on one Divine spiritual direction – and He knew they weren’t quite “getting it”. He knew who He chose and how blind & slow to believe they were. The raising of Lazarus from the tomb after 4 days should have solidified their weak faith – and yet, on His second appearance to them after He rose, the doors of the Upper Room are still locked “for fear of the Jews.”
Would you, dear reader, STILL be afraid after the first appearance of the Risen Lord who told them repeatedly what was going to happen? Maybe so.
But He chastised them for their lack of faith – would He chastise us also?
So, witnessing miracles, including the risen Jesus Himself was not enough for them to believe and surrender themselves to God. Living with Jesus for two years was not enough. What was the key that would turn the lock to open their minds and hearts? It was, and will be this Sunday, the coming in full power and authority of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. This feast is a momentous event, an event that changes (or can change) the essence of who we are as Christians.
A very old, holy Franciscan priest said the following: the Holy Spirit has a very strong desire to rush into our hearts, minds and souls – He is waiting for us to prepare a place and then invite Him in. But, like the old saying goes: the pitcher never pitches until the catcher is ready. Most of us are not ready. What were Mary and the apostles doing for the nine days leading up to Pentecost? fasting and praying – getting ready. He is a perfect gentleman.
He waits for preparation and an invitation. If He comes, fasten your seat belt. He knows exactly what we need, what we lack, what defects need to be remedied. He knows our great potential and if we cooperate, He will bring us to a realization of who we were created to be and what we were created to do. Then, maybe “they will be created and You will renew the face of the earth” God Bless.