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While We Sleep…

While we all sleep the deep sleep of our busy daily lives, something very evil – relentlessly evil – is encroaching upon us. We have been numbed and dumbed down to the extent that we don’t see this evil or if we do see it, we refuse to realize its impact and possible destruction of our individual souls and our society as well.

One event illustrates the point:  the Los Angeles County School District has announced that a Planned Parenthood clinic will open and operate on the grounds of one of the schools in the Los Angeles area. Let’s be clear:  artificial birth control is evil, abortion is evil. These are two arms of satan’s arsenal he uses to destroy and obliterate God’s people and the spread of His Kingdom. It is insanity to regulate closely what students can and cannot eat in the cafeteria and then to dispense artificial, abortifacient birth control pills – all with easy access and in plain view of passing students. Will these young people suffer the consequences of the idiotic, misguided actions of those persons in positions of leadership in the public school system? There can be no doubt.

A young priest stated recently that if this trend continues, it is not out of the realm of possibility that priests will, in the next decade or so, be arrested and jailed for refusing to officiate at homosexual “marriages” That is how serious this threat is. Will this threat be met with the crusader, militant spirit needed to stop it – the spirit of the Cristeros depicted in the new movie “For Greater Glory”? Will the November election reveal who is really on the side of the Good Lord and His Holy Church? Pray for zeal and victory in November.


Floats Like a Butterfly…

Like it or not, believe it or not, God intended husbands to lead their homes. He intended them to be the source of authority and stability in the family. Men are more practical,less emotional and willing to confront problems calmly. I remember when I first encountered this idea, which is found in the writings of many popes and great saints. Isn’t it curious how these beautiful truths are

ignored and even denigrated in our modern culture. Ironically, our modern culture is suffering badly as a result of ignoring the truth of this philosophy. Sadly, women suffer the consequences

more profoundly than men. But, when I did hear these truths for the first time, I remember being astounded and deeply moved at the obvious truth and logic contained therein. God mysteriously placed these qualities in men and women and directs us to His Church to find and follow these divinely ordained truths. I remember discussing these things with my wife and seeing the inescapable good fruits of our decision to obey and live this way. It is difficult but rewarding. It helps immensely if the husband is a dignified man with an obvious desire to improve himself and become what God created him to be. His wife is much more agreeable to following his leadership if he proves himself to be an honest, sincere and dedicated man of God. Sadly, our feminized society discourages masculinity in men and instead promotes an ungodly female usurpation of leadership in the home. This results in a perversion of sorts in family life and the order of the family is compromised. Let’s be clear:  when Dad leads, especially in disciplining the children, there is an atmosphere of justice being done. Whenever we are in the Will of God, there is a peace, an atmosphere of things being the way they should be. Do we fully understand it? Probably not. Is it true? Absolutely. Witness the 10% divorce rate in the decades leading up to the rise of the feminist

movement. We should encourage each other and those who cross our path to investigate these matters, learn about them and then take the plunge and see what happens. After a period of adjustment, the truth of God will manifest itself – when that happens, prepare for true joy.

By the way, the title of this post was derived from watching an interview with a very young Muhammed Ali as he expressed his views on these matters. He stated in this interview that it should be

OBVIOUS that a man should be the head of his home. He also discussed the way women were beginning to dress in very provocative ways and the insanity of a society that sees nothing wrong with women tempting men in their style of dress.






Welcome back. I have been on hiatus for several months. Sometimes the well runs dry. Just a short note to ask everyone who reads these posts  to pray and pray hard and often for America.

We take so much for granted, we sleep the heavy sleep of daily living and we don’t realize what is really happening. Jesus Himself predicted these events would come to pass. The United States

government is on the attack against Christianity. I am Catholic and proudly so, so the government’s actions against the Church pain me and scare at the same time. Our Blessed Mother always urges us to pray from the heart. America needs those prayers now. But if we combine prayer with action – speaking to as many people as we can about what is happening – great power can be unleashed against the evil that is starting to encroach upon us. The amnesty bill was defeated in Congress because of the groundswell of opposition from the general population – the folks. The politicians really take notice when the voices of the people are loud and persistent. Let us begin! God Bless.


Our Kids

Life is full of painful moments, but one of the most painful is that moment when we see our own faults and
personality defects exhibited in the behavior of our children. Suddenly, a mirror is held up before us and the
ugly truth about ourselves is reflected back at us in living color. Father Corapi says that this is the mercy of God.
Mercy? This is mercy? That is the typical reply. But God’s thoughts are not our thoughts – we don’t think with
a divine mind. It would be unmerciful for God NOT to reveal these ugly things to us – how would we ever get better
or become holy without knowing what is wrong with us? If we are honest with ourselves, the most valuable
relationships in our lives are always the ones with people willing to be hard on us and give us the plain truth. We
should thank God for those humble souls who are more interested in our welfare than being in our good graces.
We are called to be holy, not nice. Nice people don’t go to Heaven, holy people go to Heaven.
The point of this post is to make us aware of how profound and powerful our influence is in the lives of our children
and to cause us to stop and think about the crucial nature of our role as parents. The temptation is to be complacent
and not be too concerned about how our kids turn out – “it’s all in God’s hands, I have given them over to Him.” That’s
all well and good but this approach leaves out or omits an important element in human realtionships – duty.
God expects us to do our part with His guidance and help. Sitting back and hoping for the best with our
strong faith in God might end up in disaster. As Jim Rohn says – “you can’t leave it to chance.” We owe it to our children
to embark on a plan of self-improvement and the attainment of holiness – that is the way we activate the grace of God
in the greatest endeavor of mankind – producing saints for Him. God Bless.

Being Apostolic

A long forgotten fact about us poor Christians:  our baptism and status as a member of the Church imposes upon us a duty, a divine expectation to be an apostle,  one who is sent. Sent by Whom? Sent where? Sent for what purpose? The three answers to these questions literally define us as God’s creatures – if we can answer them correctly and make those answers the absolute center of our lives and the reason we get out of bed in the morning, we will live our lives in a way that sets our human soul on fire – that fire is, according to a famous military commander the most powerful force on earth. Let us just plainly answer those questions. We are, in reality, sent by God, sent out into the world, and sent for the purpose of getting ourselves to Heaven along with as many other souls as God sends our way. Father Robert Fox told us one day that when he woke up in the morning, the first words from his lips were “here I am Lord – I have come to do your will” That prayer set the tone for his daily activities. Father Fox died recently and the last few years of his life were probably the most apostolic time of his very full life. He would wander the great Piazza at the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament in Hanceville, Alabama looking and hoping for some soul or souls to speak to about God. He died a happy man and a very holy priest. We all yearn for happiness – it will come to us when we forget ourselves and live for others and their eternal welfare.

A good friend of mine recently offered a short talk on the importance of being an apostolic Catholic. He made the point that it doesn’t require great talent or intellectual gifts – it takes effort and the right intention – do it for the glory of God and let Him determine the outcome. We should be free of all concern for the results of our efforts – it doesn’t depend on us. We are absolutely nothing without the Lord – if we recognize that fact, our apostolic effort will be a cause of great joy and even excitement – to work for God in His vineyard cannot be surpassed by any earthly activity we may engage ourselves in.

The word Apostle is defined as “one who is sent” We have been sent. Let’s get serious about our Catholic faith and spend ourselves and allow ourselves to be spent for the salvation of souls. God Bless.






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A Little More Irony

A friend recently told me a story which illustrates quite well the point I made in our last post. It seems he was attending a family function when one of his little girls came to him crying. This man has seven children with number eight on the way. It turns out that one of the “adult” female members of this man’s family told the crying little girl that she wasn’t as smart as other kids because she was being homeschooled. Here is the irony: this “adult” female member of his family has an absolutely chaotic family life with rebellious children over which she and her husband have virtually no control. In her family, the inmates are running the asylum. Homeschooling parents are confronted with this lovely irony on a fairly consistent basis. It is very difficult to prevent an angry outburst and ugly reply in circumstances like this. In fact, this friend of mine leveled a few choice words at the adults present and left the house. So, he might have missed an opportunity to inform and educate his family members who witnessed this scene. But the irony is oppressive: people decide to live according to the teachings of the Church and then are persecuted by people who haven’t darkened the door of a church in many, many moons – people who are suffering greatly because of poor instruction, ignorance or just blatant vindictiveness. Hurting people hurt other people – Jim Rohn uttered those words and he was right.
I encountered a family member who criticized me for spanking my children who were sitting quietly nearby and behaving themselves quite well. I asked this family member if she thought that my children were well behaved – she said “yes” I asked her if she thought my children were behaving differently than the vast majority of the children she encountered – she answered “yes” I then pointed out to her the correlation between properly training children and the resulting good behavior. She STILL disagreed with my manner of disciplining my children. An elderly lady sitting nearby said that she thought that what I was doing was exactly the way she raised her kids and that I should just keep doing what I was doing. Human nature and reasoning is an amazing thing to witness.
One more irony that I will propose for thought before we all meet again in this forum: a woman who runs herself ragged bringing her babies to babysitters early in the morning and picking them up in the afternoon – all for the purpose of spending the time in between those events teaching other people’s children in public or parochial schools. Many years ago, my wife and I were practitioners of this strange activity. So I know firsthand what it is truly like. The irony is unavoidable: why not stay home and teach her own precious little ones about God and His universe and everything in it? What can be more rewarding than to spend ourselves and allow ourselves to be spent in the service of Almighty God and the children He blesses us with? We watch our wives and mothers run through the daily gauntlet in order to educate other people’s children when profound joy and peace and the nurturing hand of God is right under our noses in our own little homes. Teaching is a noble profession and is not being denigrated here – the good intentions of those who are involved in this endeavor are not being questioned – but is there something better? Are we missing the beautiful forest because of all the little trees? Are we being swept up in the cultural wave that promotes frenzied, chaotic lives while our kids wait for us to come and bring them home? Something to think about……..God Bless.

A Little Irony

A little irony can make us smile, it can confuse us or frustrate us. An example: I have encountered priests and members of the laity who fret about the Church, about shrinking congregations, about lukewarm Catholics who have little or no interest in what the Church teaches, about the short confession lines and the LONG lines of people coming forward to receive Our Lord in Holy Communion. I have written letters to bishops pointing out that the traditional orders of nuns and priests – those who adhere to and hold onto traditional spirituality, traditional liturgy and traditional ways of living – are bursting at the seams with applicants to enter their order. Meanwhile, those orders which have gone the easier, more liberal and downright silly route to “tolerance and diversity and social justice” are vanishing rapidly and dying on the vine. The response of those fretting folks and these bishops is always mystifying to me – they really do not see a connection between abandoning traditional practices and dried up vocations and depleted congregations. I am 52 years old – I am usually the youngest person at weekday Masses – what will become of the Church if we do not go back to what works?
The irony is this: the fruit of traditional Catholic liturgy and teaching is proven and undeniable. But those folks who dare to live this way and whose success and happiness are very evident are rejected, talked about, avoided and even persecuted. A friend of mine was even told by a priest “I know you are right but I still disagree with you” The enemies of the Church – inside and outside the Church – are enemies of tradition. It is tempting to think that the chaos and confusion we see are intentional. Maybe the problem is that to face this reality, this truth, then places a heavy responsibility on the person in a position to effect change in the right direction – this might be a responsibility too heavy for some to shoulder. However, it is a sure thing that those clergy and laity with the gumption, the zeal and the unwavering faith to begin this return to tradition will experience a joy and happiness unknown to those who conform to the current norm of mediocrity and failure.
There are approximately 20 families in our homeschool community – these good people are experiencing the great fruit and joy of living the way God wants us to live. We will continue the good fight – with the grace of God – to be a small part of the turning back of our society to God and His Church.
Visit Youtube and log on to Citadel Catholic Media for encouragement and great information – it is never too late.
More irony soon – God Bless.

Are You Happy?

Archbishop Fulton Sheen posed this question in a book I am currently reading. In this essay on happiness, Bishop Sheen points out that most people, when asked if they are happy, express the fact that while they are relatively happy, they could be and want to be happier. He says in this book that this means that we are not really happy, that we have settled for a mediocre acceptance of things the way they are. There is a vast difference between what truly makes for genuine happiness and the way we live our lives. The good Bishop says that we have been fooled into seeking happiness itself instead of LIVING the way that leads to the desired result of happiness. He uses the example of people who travel extensively in search of excitement and variety. If these good folks would be honest, they would admit that the happiest two days of their latest trip were the day they left and the day they returned home. So, did the traveling produce a happy result?
A profound truth: this world and nothing in it can make us happy. Happiness is an “inside job”, meaning that if we are not happy that there is something lacking inside of us, not outside of us. People who love filet mignon will derive pleasure from their good fortune of dining on this revered dish, but very few will profess to have found joy in their meal. Pleasure is of the body, joy is of the mind and heart.
Another profound truth: we are seeking God, not his creation. His creation is dropped along the road of life as His way of prompting us to think of how awesome and beautiful the Creator of these “things” must be. But we poor sinners latch onto these things and place our desire and hope for happiness in them. When we realize that this world cannot fulfill our infused desire for happiness, then the things of this world will no longer disappoint us – we won’t expect happiness from them.
Union with God through doing His will is the sure path to happiness. The saints realized this in the depths of their hearts and they were willing to suffer the circumstances that resulted from their decision to seek the pearl of great price. What are we seeking? How are we spending our time? What is really important to us?
Finally – Bishop Sheen eloquently puts forth the following gem of truth: the sun is only happy when shining and providing warmth and light, a pencil is only happy when it is writing – WE are only happy when living in accord with our purpose in life. That requires knowledge, humility, courage and great faith. If you are a Mom or a Dad, it is very simple – our purpose revolves around those little balls of energy and bundles of joy that we have been so blessed to have been placed in charge of. The by-product of doing so with diligence and love is happiness. Happy New Year and God Bless.

Fill The Vacuum

I watched a very impressive video recently during which a very devout Catholic man systematically summarized the current situation in the Catholic Church and Christianity in general. It is a very bleak picture. It seems government bodies on a worldwide basis are slowly but surely obliterating any semblance of Christian culture in the societies which they govern. Christ Himself warned of this frightening development.
As the video concluded, I found myself worried for the future of America and the fate of my children when I leave this old earth. It is much worse than I imagined. Plans are being implemented behind the scenes and under the radar of America’s media and cultural watchdogs which are targeted at removing Jesus Christ from our hearts, our minds and our churches, God forbid. We cannot afford to pretend any longer that this creeping evil doesn’t exist and that it cannot affect us. It already is.
A fine young priest told me one day that there was a time in America during which a distinctive, visible, influential Catholic culture was very prominent in almost every sphere of society. There were entire neighborhoods populated by home after home filled with devout, practicing Catholics whose belief in God and love for His Church permeated the atmosphere. To enter a Mom and Pop store meant to see a crucifix prominantly displayed and either Mom or Pop holding their rosaries and silently moving their lips in supplication to Christ and His Mother. I can remember my entire family heading off to church on Saturday afternoons to go to confession – and shaking in my boots with fear of what the priest would think of my juvenile sins.
It was a time when we didn’t have to lock our doors at night, when we could play outside for hours on end without Mom having to worry about suspicious people riding by and staring a little too long. The point I am trying to make is that when the Catholic Church’s presence is strong and prominant and when Catholics know their faith and try their best to live their faith, then the society as a whole is transformed – the atmosphere is permeated with simplicity, goodness and an authentic interest and concern for those souls that Almighty God sends our way. Not to mention that people are just happier when they live in conformity to the will of God.
How can this be restored? How can we reestablish a Catholic culture? That is the exciting part. Those souls reading this post are reading it by design – NOTHING happens outside the will of God – you are here for a reason. It is very simple: pray and ask God to be more interested in our Catholic faith and heritage, then set about to learn the fundamentals of what Christ taught the apostles, then have the good sense to actually implement those teaching in our lives (even in the face of ridicule and tribulation). What we don’t realize is that most of us wait for the inspiration to strike or the feeling to arise which will motivate us – but the inspiration or feeling arises AFTER we start the process – the action generates the fire and zeal, not the other way around. We have to make steps toward God and His way of living and THEN the motivation and inspiration will spur us on the continue. So the challenge is before us and it is exhilarating – we in our own little way can bring the Catholic culture back. The Church provides everything we need in Her seven sacraments. They are God’s way of touching us and healing us. We take a bath every day – are we so filthy that we need to bathe everyday? Probably not – but we want to FEEL clean. Why don’t we want to FEEL clean spiritually?
Why don’t we want to remove the filth of all of our sins and faults and failings? So, the first step in stepping on the road back to tradition and beauty is the tribunal of God’s tender mercy in the Sacrament of Penance.
Go soon. You will not be sorry. God Bless.