Conversation With A Dad

I had a long, serious conversation with one of the Dads who volunteers at the TFP summer camp. He related to me that many of the boys who attend the camp begin as soft and lacking in certain masculine characteristics, but leave the camp transformed into bold, enthusiastic young men. He related to me that after eight years of working at the camp, that he can spot the boys whose Dads are not connecting with their sons, the ones whose Dads have not successfully conveyed to their boys their interest in and concern for them. This, to me, is a microcosm of the larger problem we face as a Church and society. Our men have been emasculated and somewhat neutered in an atmosphere of oppressive feminism and liberalism.
I believe Jesus Christ was a very masculine man – I believe He personified a chivalrous, dynamic leader who was entirely animated by agape love – sacrificial love which drives a soul to empty themself for the good of the
souls around them. He was a warrior armed with the Spirit of God and the love of the Father in Heaven. He needs the men of today to cast aside all attachments and distractions and have the guts to tread the path He blazed ahead of us.
It is distressing to see young men full of potential wandering the streets with their friends during the summer months. No direction, no goals, no interest in the great adventure of being a Christian man serving the King.
Boys without training and direction will inevitably get lost on a path that leads far away from the destination God has planned for them. It is a long, painful road back to sane living.
This man with whom I was speaking at the camp told me of another gentleman whose son recently rebelled and rejected the philosophy his parents live by – a philosophy they attempted to train their son to understand and embrace. These good folks are grieving today as they watch their son drift away. Their son will undoubtedly return at some time, but after much suffering and grief. I asked this man what caused the trouble with this young man – his answer was sobering – the boy’s Dad did not know how to connect with his boy – he spoke to him like a college professor speaks to a class. Predictably, the man’s instruction fell on deaf ears and the boy bolted when he was old enough to see and understand – and, when the world started tugging at his heart. My prayer is this: that the hearts of all Dads will turn to the hearts of their wives and children.
God Bless.