Dads – The Time Is Now!

This post comes as a result of several conversations with my wife and members of my family as this school year begins. Very simply: our society,
our Church, our institutions are STARVING for masculine leadership – men who will realize the role that God has given them, educate themselves and rise up to take on the great challenge of leadership. Our wives and mothers were not intended by Almighty God to shoulder these heavy responsibilities.
But almost by default, they have labored exponentially more than they could or should. A man is given the gift of masculinity for many reasons, one of which is that this gift enables him, equips him to learn the hard lessons that life has to teach. Once he knows his role, his quest, his mission – he can arm himself with the sacramental life of the Church and make his way in the world – with his family securely behind him confident of his ability to lead.
I will focus on one aspect of this masculine leadership – the rearing of Godly children for Christ and His Church. When I hear of discipline problems and unruly children, I can safely assume that Dad is pretty much unaware or unconcerned about what is taking place in his home. He also could be unable or ill-equipped to handle the situation. One thing is for sure: Mom IS aware and IS concerned and tension is mounting. If Mom senses or feels or KNOWS that her sweet husband will not step in and lead, and if Mom has not been informed of the danger of her assuming his duty – well, in the short term, the situation might be brought under control – but in the long run, a dangerous and harmful trend is being set in stone. That trend is this: Dad is merely a spectator in this family drama and Mom is the authority in this home. So, God’s appointed leader – Dad – is relegated to the back bench and the children are subjected to Mom’s frustration. Her intentions are good – the formation of her children – but her methods might further push her husband into the background. The point is: we want to have the order God established in place and functioning as well as can be expected with sinful human beings running things. Children NEED a firm, unemotional hand to correct and guide them. There was a time when men were truly the heads of their homes and they were the patriarch, the big boss who the children KNEW they would answer to for any misbehavior. We can get back to a sane way of living our lives – the information is available – God is waiting for men to rise up and do His bidding. A good friend of mine is in the process of filming short videos dealing with these very issues and other concerns for families. These videos will be posted on Youtube and I will make the information on how to access them available when the time comes. Stay tuned. God Bless.