Does God Care About What I Wear?

A good friend recently told me that the petty criminals and con men of his
young adult years (1950’s) dressed with more dignity and self respect than the majority of upstanding citizens of our present age. What has happened?
One of the terrible by products of liberalism is a lowering or even elimination of standards. After all, standards and tradition and all of those
old fashioned ideas shackle us and hold us down. They stifle our self expression and our freedom to be ourselves.
On the contrary, living with standards of behavior and dress elevates and
promotes the dignity that we possess by virtue of our baptism. The concept is very simple: what we wear on the outside reveals our inner thoughts and perception of who we are and where we are going. A good way to grasp this idea is to think of the royal classes in the Middle Ages and even in the time of Our Lord. It was understood that a King or Queen donned more and more robes and accessories as they rose in prominence and power. The slave girls and boys who attended to their needs wore very simple, skimpy garments.
The intention here is not to besmirch or belittle the service of a servant but to illustrate the fact that we were intended by Almighty God to be noble people, dignified and refined in our behavior, speech and dress. I’ll close with a suggestion: rent a movie which has it’s setting in 18th century England and notice the manner of speech and comportment – then ask
yourself if this dignified atmosphere elevated the thoughts and even emotions of the citizens of those days.
On a personal note – about ten years ago I began dressing in a shirt and tie
on most days of the week – and being attentive to how I dressed on weekends while in public places and even at home. This simple decision has greatly impacted how I perceive myself and better yet – how my wife and children see me. Will a six year old react differently to a well dressed, dignified parent who is correcting them than to a parent dressed as if they just rolled out of bed?
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Traditional snippet: When confusion reigns, go to tradition!
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