Fill The Vacuum

I watched a very impressive video recently during which a very devout Catholic man systematically summarized the current situation in the Catholic Church and Christianity in general. It is a very bleak picture. It seems government bodies on a worldwide basis are slowly but surely obliterating any semblance of Christian culture in the societies which they govern. Christ Himself warned of this frightening development.
As the video concluded, I found myself worried for the future of America and the fate of my children when I leave this old earth. It is much worse than I imagined. Plans are being implemented behind the scenes and under the radar of America’s media and cultural watchdogs which are targeted at removing Jesus Christ from our hearts, our minds and our churches, God forbid. We cannot afford to pretend any longer that this creeping evil doesn’t exist and that it cannot affect us. It already is.
A fine young priest told me one day that there was a time in America during which a distinctive, visible, influential Catholic culture was very prominent in almost every sphere of society. There were entire neighborhoods populated by home after home filled with devout, practicing Catholics whose belief in God and love for His Church permeated the atmosphere. To enter a Mom and Pop store meant to see a crucifix prominantly displayed and either Mom or Pop holding their rosaries and silently moving their lips in supplication to Christ and His Mother. I can remember my entire family heading off to church on Saturday afternoons to go to confession – and shaking in my boots with fear of what the priest would think of my juvenile sins.
It was a time when we didn’t have to lock our doors at night, when we could play outside for hours on end without Mom having to worry about suspicious people riding by and staring a little too long. The point I am trying to make is that when the Catholic Church’s presence is strong and prominant and when Catholics know their faith and try their best to live their faith, then the society as a whole is transformed – the atmosphere is permeated with simplicity, goodness and an authentic interest and concern for those souls that Almighty God sends our way. Not to mention that people are just happier when they live in conformity to the will of God.
How can this be restored? How can we reestablish a Catholic culture? That is the exciting part. Those souls reading this post are reading it by design – NOTHING happens outside the will of God – you are here for a reason. It is very simple: pray and ask God to be more interested in our Catholic faith and heritage, then set about to learn the fundamentals of what Christ taught the apostles, then have the good sense to actually implement those teaching in our lives (even in the face of ridicule and tribulation). What we don’t realize is that most of us wait for the inspiration to strike or the feeling to arise which will motivate us – but the inspiration or feeling arises AFTER we start the process – the action generates the fire and zeal, not the other way around. We have to make steps toward God and His way of living and THEN the motivation and inspiration will spur us on the continue. So the challenge is before us and it is exhilarating – we in our own little way can bring the Catholic culture back. The Church provides everything we need in Her seven sacraments. They are God’s way of touching us and healing us. We take a bath every day – are we so filthy that we need to bathe everyday? Probably not – but we want to FEEL clean. Why don’t we want to FEEL clean spiritually?
Why don’t we want to remove the filth of all of our sins and faults and failings? So, the first step in stepping on the road back to tradition and beauty is the tribunal of God’s tender mercy in the Sacrament of Penance.
Go soon. You will not be sorry. God Bless.