Floats Like a Butterfly…

Like it or not, believe it or not, God intended husbands to lead their homes. He intended them to be the source of authority and stability in the family. Men are more practical,less emotional and willing to confront problems calmly. I remember when I first encountered this idea, which is found in the writings of many popes and great saints. Isn’t it curious how these beautiful truths are

ignored and even denigrated in our modern culture. Ironically, our modern culture is suffering badly as a result of ignoring the truth of this philosophy. Sadly, women suffer the consequences

more profoundly than men. But, when I did hear these truths for the first time, I remember being astounded and deeply moved at the obvious truth and logic contained therein. God mysteriously placed these qualities in men and women and directs us to His Church to find and follow these divinely ordained truths. I remember discussing these things with my wife and seeing the inescapable good fruits of our decision to obey and live this way. It is difficult but rewarding. It helps immensely if the husband is a dignified man with an obvious desire to improve himself and become what God created him to be. His wife is much more agreeable to following his leadership if he proves himself to be an honest, sincere and dedicated man of God. Sadly, our feminized society discourages masculinity in men and instead promotes an ungodly female usurpation of leadership in the home. This results in a perversion of sorts in family life and the order of the family is compromised. Let’s be clear:  when Dad leads, especially in disciplining the children, there is an atmosphere of justice being done. Whenever we are in the Will of God, there is a peace, an atmosphere of things being the way they should be. Do we fully understand it? Probably not. Is it true? Absolutely. Witness the 10% divorce rate in the decades leading up to the rise of the feminist

movement. We should encourage each other and those who cross our path to investigate these matters, learn about them and then take the plunge and see what happens. After a period of adjustment, the truth of God will manifest itself – when that happens, prepare for true joy.

By the way, the title of this post was derived from watching an interview with a very young Muhammed Ali as he expressed his views on these matters. He stated in this interview that it should be

OBVIOUS that a man should be the head of his home. He also discussed the way women were beginning to dress in very provocative ways and the insanity of a society that sees nothing wrong with women tempting men in their style of dress.