I read a recent article written by a conservative political writer in which the author gave a very good defense of the homeschooling movement in our country. I posted a reply to his article to validate his statements because as a father of four I believe my experience in this great adventure of homeschooling enables me to offer helpful insights from the “frontlines”, so to speak. The almost immediate assumption is usually made that parents decide to homeschool in order to shelter and protect their children from the barrage of negative influences in our society. Ten years of homeschooling has revealed to me, however, that the “protection” or “shelter” motivation is not at the top of the list of reasons to homeschool. Those are reactive, or preventative reasons brought about by witnessing the degradation and coarsening of our culture and realizing that the institutionlized school system is not immune to these effects. The proactive, positive motivation to homeschool is at the top of the list of reasons to undertake this noble venture. Very simply put, a child being taught in his own home by the one person who loves them more than any other person on the face of this earth is by far the best way to educate that child. Education is a drawing out, not a cramming in. A mother can gently and lovingly draw out of her child the awesome potential that Almighty God has placed there in the heart, mind and soul of that precious child. Homeschooled children not only learn the three R’s but they also learn how to live a life and serve their God. The sacred ingredient is love which makes homeschooling anything but a sacrifice – on the contrary, for a woman to leave her children every day to allow someone else to teach and mold her kids while she subjects herself to a boss and a paycheck – THAT is a real sacrifice. Granted, not everyone can homeschool and some women are forced to work outside the home by circumstances, but on the whole the most beneficial, positive way to produce young people of good character, good moral fiber and personal strength and fortitude is accomplished in the christian homeschool. This post will be continued soon. God Bless.