Men and the Cursillo

The Cursillo Movement was born as a result of a very devout Catholic man from Spain who saw that our society had turned its back on Christianity. The predictable result was (is) evidence that the old saying is true: “without the Creator, the creature dies.” This devout Catholic man and the friends he gathered around him to attempt to find a remedy for this situation also noted that the concept of masculine spirituality and male leadership was becoming something passe or old fashioned. In reality, male leadership is a gift God gives to men and society to assist us in rising above the level of animals and to live a vibrant, holy life. A famous military figure once said that his greatest weapon was the human soul on fire with the Holy Spirit. A man’s soul is capable of being ignited when he leads in an unselfish manner. The Cursillo Movement serves as a vehicle to place men in spiritual groups with other men in order to enhance this masculine aspect of their spirituality. Apostolic work and the noble endeavor of bringing Christ to other souls is the desired outgrowth or fruit of these groups of men.
Satan and his minions, both spiritual and human, have been very successful in tearing away at these simple, beautiful truths – the enemies of mankind know that if men lead and women submit to their leadership, the Cursillo Movement will be successful and THIS SOCIETY WILL CHANGE AND GO BACK TO ITS GOD.
As stated before, masculinity and femininity are gifts of God to assist us and provide a way to radiant, vibrant living – if we reject them and conform ourselves to the spirit of this world – a spirit that looks at masculinity and femininity with disdain and ridicule – we can be assured of very unpleasant, predictable results – bad fruit. Look around, open your eyes, listen with your heart – our bad fruit is rotting all around us. The good news is that God has provided the solution – an easily found solution – tradition.
A closing note to wives and mothers – the vasy majority of men will not assert themselves and lead their families – the idea of contesting with a woman is one they will avoid at all cost – it takes virtue to do the right thing. The outlets for him to escape to are too numerous to count. The
casualty that results from his flight are his marriage and the well being of his children, especially his boys. Their role model is on the golf course or in the pool hall while Mom fumes. Lastly – our Moms should avoid the temptation to lead and become bitter. Instead, pray for that rascal and become his cheerleader, not his greatest critic – God will reward her wise and virtuous actions. If we think that it doesn’t sound fair, think of Jesus on the Cross. Where those two beams of wood meet is true wisdom – perfect love. God Bless.