Great homily at Mass yesterday at the Chapel of the Blessed Sacrament in Gibson, La. Father spoke extensively about the heresy which is destroying our

society and eating away at the Church from the inside. That heresy is modernism and it is very simply a claim that truth changes over time – as we become more

modern and sophisticated, the ancient truths of the Christian faith are no longer true and no longer to be adhered to. This sad situation was foreseen and foretold

by Christ Himself and the writers of the sacred scriptures. Pope Pious X condemned this scourge on the Church at the turn of the century and his unheeded warnings

have proven to be true. Father gave examples of what a modernist believes and preaches and he put us on notice that these people are being used by Satan and his minions

to undermine the foundation of the Church – they spread confusion and discord which destroys unity. A good example is the elimination of Latin in the liturgy of

the Mass – the beauty of latin was a way of preserving unity among Catholics – we could have entered a church in Belgium or Poland and heard the same beautiful words of

the Holy Mass at either place. The modernists are resistant to tradition and reverence – they are terrified of appearing to be old-fashioned or “pre-Vatican II.” Look at

the Church in the decades prior to the Council – look up the statistics on vocations, Mass attendance, the numbers of professed religious sisters – it is shocking what this heresy

has inflicted on Holy Mother Church. The remedy is to study the true faith, live it in our daily lives and tell it to whomever we encounter in our own personal journey.

A little perspective:  the heresy of modernism has had its effect for about the last 50 years – the true faith, the faith Jesus Himself taught the apostles has served humanity

for over 2000 years and it is still the rock, the unshakeable rock that will get our little boats across the rough ocean of life – right along side the barque of Peter. God Bless.