The Hidden Woman

Several years ago, a friend was telling me of a conversation he had with his wife, during which they tried to think of all the families that they knew whom they considered truly happy. The common denominator in all of these happy families was the wife and mother living as the Blessed Mother lived – as a hidden woman. At first glance, this might seem odd or extreme. But that reaction is mostly experienced by modern folks who have never been exposed to or witnessed the beauty of this concept. We live in a culture heavily influenced by feminism and materialism – this culture would not only find this idea odd but downright weird and offensive. The fact that our modern society is at odds with traditional views on family life should be an infallible sign that we should heartily embrace and live according to these truths. It probably gets down to what we really believe a woman is intended by Almighty God to be. Tradition tells us that a wife and mother is a precious jewel in her home, the nurturer, the source of love for her husband and children. Without that nurturing and love, the family suffers, especially the children – precious children who depend on Mom and Dad for their very lives, especially the formation of their character, their moral compass and their spiritual vitality. When Mom is hidden in the home, her castle, she is protected, shielded from the corrosive, deforming effects of wrestling with the world and all of its attractions. Her attention is sharply focused on what God created her to be and do. She is living and functioning in the will of God – she is in tune with His design for her. When that is in place, everybody prospers and develops according to God’s marvelous design. Happiness ensues.
It is an amazing thing to watch the effect this has on the father and husband of a woman who wisely and lovingly lives this life. He rises up, becomes emboldened, energized and eager to know and do God’s will. To wake up next to his greatest fan and cheerleader instead of his greatest critic is a
beautiful thing to a man who has to venture out into the strife and struggle of the work world. Women are very powerful and very capable of transforming their husband and children – they possess the tools to enable their family to be recreated and to renew the face of the earth.
Some poor souls might feel sorry for these stay at home, hidden women – that sympathy should instead be admiration and even envy – these ladies live radiant, exciting lives while they raise Godly children who will in turn go out and be little lights in a world dark with sin and error. God Bless.