The One Thing Cont.

My eldest son made his First Communion in a small chapel a few miles from our hometown. The local bishop has designated this chapel to be a place where the traditional rites of the Church will be offered. It is fittingly named
Blessed Sacrament Faith Community. My extended family was invited and did attend the mass for my son’s big day. Later that afternoon, an uncle of mine
commented that he had never seen a church with that many small children in attendance be so quiet. There are approximately 20 families in the homeschool academy which we are members of – most of these families are quite large, some with as many as eight or nine children (more on that later). My answer to my uncle was this: what he witnessed is not some aberration or strange occurence – it is the result, the fruit of trying to live according to the time tested, traditional order of family life ordained by God and taught by His Church since the beginning. It is simple, it is beautiful, it is common sense: Dad is the head, Mom is the heart, the children are obedient to and are trained and guided in correct behavior by Dad and Mom. Before I continue, a suggestion which most of the families in our school implement with the children when they are very young – pray a family rosary every night with Dad holding the little one(s) and requiring –
not hoping for or requesting – requiring those little ones to sit still and be quiet for the duration of the prayers. When Sunday rolls around, those babies know what is expected of them.
A good friend of mine told me once that people think that peace is an absence of fighting, an uneasy silence. True peace comes from order, from things being the way they are supposed to be. The way things are supposed to be regarding the order of family life is stated very clearly in Sacred Scripture and the wrintings of many popes and great saints. For the last 40 years, our modern society has been shaking its tiny fist at God and refusing to live by His dictates on family life – for some reason, we think we know better. The results of our rebellion prove that we do not.
I want to make one more point before closing – according to one of our late, great popes, the Father in the home is the chief in authority and the Mother is the chief in love. The children learn obedience from watching Mom’s behavior toward Dad. Her submission to her husband’s authority is a gift she gives to her husband and children. Something to ponder: when Jesus was born, He was given His name by St. Joseph, not our Blessed Mother. She was conceived without sin, perfect in every way and yet who does the angel instruct to name the Child? – His foster Father.
Next time, we will explore Dad’s role – what he should do and how he should look.
St. John Vianney on the Mass: if we could get a glimpse of what the angels see at Mass, we would die of love.