The One Thing

I was talking with a good friend recently about his pastor whom my friend described as “solid”. I asked why he thought he was solid. He answered that this priest has many good, effective outreach programs to the youth, the elderly and other groups. I then asked “what is Father doing to instruct or teach the families in the parish about God’s ordained order for family life.”
I asked him that because of the obvious fact that the Church is made up of families and God, in His wisdom and goodness has clearly told us how a family should be ordered and how the life of a christian family should be lived. An obvious fact: if God’s order is adhered to and followed, happiness and peace will result. We currently have a 60% divorce rate with the predictably disastrous results of extreme suffering, wounded children and parents, confusion and a weakened Church. So, it is painfully obvious that God’s order has been largely abandoned. A crumbling foundation is a serious problem for any homeowner – a potential disaster and a very costly
situation. Holy Mother Church has a foundation problem.
Back to my friend: outreach programs are very good, no doubt. The Church is apostolic in Her very nature and origin. But the temptation is to avoid the heavy lifting of fixing the cracked foundation in favor of planting tulips in the flower bed and painting the shutters. The former involves long, hard and probably unpopular work while the latter provides immediate, short-lived
I heard a priest once say that the worst temptation he faces is the temptation to allow his parishioners to stay the way they are – complacency. That temptation is faced by us all – but the good news is that it is paper thin – once we force ourselves to bust through, we realize what radiant living is all about.
So what is this order for families? Coming soon….
A snippet on leadership: leadership is influence – nothing more, nothing less – John Maxwell.