The Tripod

The Cursillo Center in Prairie Ronde, Louisiana just held and completed a four day weekend during which 43 men were given a crash course in Catholicism. One of those men was a nephew of mine whom I sponsored.
The Cursillo Movement teaches and promotes living out our Catholic faith using the image of a tripod which is a very effective way for remembering and implementing the beautiful teachings of the Catholic Church. It is a proven method for fulfilling the commitment we make as Catholics when we are confirmed. The 3 legs of the tripod are piety (prayer), study and action. Typical of any tripod dependent on all 3 legs to remain standing, if any one of these areas of our spiritual life are lacking or even nonexistent, our union with God and our effectiveness in living an authentic christian life will be comprimised. The problem with us poor mortal human beings is that the effort required to live the tripod and be holy requires discipline and a strong commitment – not to mention a heart centered on Almighty God and His will for us. With the world, the flesh and the devil all working against us, the battle we fight can be quite treacherous. Because of the effects of original sin, we are prone to thirst for comfort and an easy life – to avoid the difficulty involved in bending our will to the will of God. The saints in heaven realized the discipline and hard work required and they cooperated with the graces which God makes available to each and every soul – they did what we all say we do – they loved God and His will more than their own. They lived for eternity, for Heaven – most of us live for the world – for earthly satisfaction and enjoyment.
The tripod of piety, study and action is a battle plan, a program which can mitigate and circumvent our natural tendency to backslide. Each day, a healthy dose of prayer, a few minutes of studying the faith, and an honest, humble effort to lead others to Christ by either word or example will keep the little fire in our souls burning – that little fire placed there during our baptism and stoked at our confirmation.
This method of living the tripod is stressed throughout the entire Cursillo weekend because the Holy Spirit has revealed to us that we have to seek Him and make the effort for union with Him – He will not force Himself on us. We have to make those baby steps toward Him and He will make God steps towards us.
The Cursillo Movement seeks to make leaders of men who will go out and re-Christianize our society. A dynamic man who truly loves God and seeks to fulfill His will knows the necessity of cultivating holiness in his soul so that he has the qualities which make a Man of God attractive to others. His study of the faith and his life of prayer will prepare him to be ready when the Lord sends those souls in his path who need what he has been given.
To view good, solid, short videos on these and other issues – especially family life, visit YouTube and enter Citadel Catholic Media in the search box.
God bless.