Theology and Sanity

Frank Sheed was a lay theologian who wrote great Catholic books in the 1940’s. The Church and our American society would benefit greatly by being exposed to this great man’s wisdom and solid Catholic teaching. One of his more famous works was titled Theology and Sanity and in that classic work he exposed the sad but true fact that unless we have a Catholic intellect, we are indeed suffering from a form of insanity. What does it mean to have a Catholic intellect? The answer contains a few principles one of which I will offer for those who read this blog to think about and digest further. It is this: to have a Catholic intellect means very simply to see what the Church sees, to view the world through the Church’s eyes. What does the Church see? She sees what is really there, namely that EVERY living thing is held in existence by the providence of Almighty God and is completely dependent on Him for existence. Many of us state this truth and we say we believe it, but is it so engrained in us that it is second nature for us to believe it to the extent that it shapes our lives and determines our actions? We must ingest this great truth to the point that we experience a surrender into the hands of God and trust Him implicitly with our eternal destiny. That is not to say that we don’t have to perform the duties of our state in life and live responsibly – it means we do our part, remain faithful and leave the results to Him. Frank Sheed’s books are available online. More on this later. God Bless.