To Know, To Love, To Serve

I watched a video of a 1992 presentation on serving God last night. The speaker demonstrated a keen and deep insight into human nature. He began by asking the audience to name the one thing more important than all of the other issues we poor sinners contend with. The answers quickly came: salvation of our souls, peace of heart, financial security, getting our children to heaven, etc…It was agreed that the salvation of our souls was at the top of the list. The speaker then asked if the children of those present would say, after living with mom and dad for many years, that the importance of the salvation of their souls and those around them was indeed reflected in the way they
actually lived their life. Would the children indeed say “my parents live their lives to know, love and serve God”? There was an uneasy silence and nervous laughter as the audience realized that the vast majority of good christian people do not live with God as their primary focus. What is the resulting consequence of this dichotomy in our lives? One result may be that our kids reach the age of understanding and discernment and then plainly see this inconsistency in their parents’ lives and then reject the faith as being something not authentic or even phony. Jesus Himself said to let your
yes be yes and your no be no – anything else is from the evil one. In other words, make sure our words and thoughts and actions are in agreement – this is the definition of integrity. We must be people of integrity or we will live hollow, unfulfilled lives and we may confuse and alienate our children and those God places in our path. Why are we prone to this inconsistency?
Because we are like the water running downstream with a large boulder in the path – we take the path of least resistance, thinking that we will be happier and more at peace. Tragically, the opposite is true. The saints took the more difficult, less popular route of speaking and living honest lives of integrity – they suffered in the temporal order but rejoiced in the spiritual.
The particular way that we are all called to know, love and serve God must be sought after – in prayer, the sacraments and consulting with wise, successful people who are indeed honest & dignified – people of integrity. The man who made this talk spends the vast majority of his time serving God – counseling people, distributing good Catholic material via pamphlets and the internet and involving himself in the problems of people from whom he gains absolutely nothing – except the joy and satisfaction of changing people’s lives and watching them find success and happiness. We all need to find the way God intends us to serve and become a true disciple, a follower that He can depend on. God Bless.