Tradition Family Property

The ninth annual Call to Chivalry Camp held by the Tradition, Family & Property organization concluded yesterday with the usual vigor, enthusiasm

and missionary zeal that this Catholic group espouses and promotes. It is exciting to see young, clean cut  men convicted in their Catholic faith

to the extent of total devotion of their entire lives to serving the King and defending His Church. I am impressed to the point of amazement at these men – they

are enthusiastic, good-natured, pious, masculine and dignified in their behavior, speech and dress. They are gentlemen and they are happy. I just described what all

Catholic men should aspire to be. Some of these men travel continuously from place to place and at every destination serve Our Lord and His Church tirelessly and without

ego or self interest. Webster’s defines chivalry as a man who is gallant and a distinguished gentleman and another definition describes “mounted men at arms.”

I hope we all realize that we are at war on many fronts and without chivalrous men, we could lose much. During last night’s closing ceremony, the leader of the TFP in my

home state said in his closing remarks that mediocre souls will not change this society – it requires heroic, brave, chivalrous men willing to sacrifice it all for the cause.

I asked one of the leaders who staffed this camp if he intended to do this the rest of his life – he looked at me and said “Sir, this is a vocation – I am called to do this”

Consequently, this young man is obviously full of joy. One last thing on the TFP – some of the young men who ran this camp drove 14 hours from Pennsylvania the night

before the camp started and then will be leaving a couple of days from now for the next event – and it goes on and on………

The concept of Chivalry in men young and old is a lost idea and something that badly needs to be resurrected in the Church and our society. The enemy tries to use fear

to stop his opponents – us – from taking up arms against him. Our response cannot be timid and hesitant – the attack is full frontal assault and we had better be aware

and ready to tough it out. These are not just words – the casualties are all around us – let’s not become one of them – our spouses and our children deserve better. The image of

the crusader on his horse ready for war is a very accurate description of what makes the enemy run. May we all be faithful and ready soldiers for the Lord, His Church and

Our Lady. God Bless.