While We Sleep…

While we all sleep the deep sleep of our busy daily lives, something very evil – relentlessly evil – is encroaching upon us. We have been numbed and dumbed down to the extent that we don’t see this evil or if we do see it, we refuse to realize its impact and possible destruction of our individual souls and our society as well.

One event illustrates the point:  the Los Angeles County School District has announced that a Planned Parenthood clinic will open and operate on the grounds of one of the schools in the Los Angeles area. Let’s be clear:  artificial birth control is evil, abortion is evil. These are two arms of satan’s arsenal he uses to destroy and obliterate God’s people and the spread of His Kingdom. It is insanity to regulate closely what students can and cannot eat in the cafeteria and then to dispense artificial, abortifacient birth control pills – all with easy access and in plain view of passing students. Will these young people suffer the consequences of the idiotic, misguided actions of those persons in positions of leadership in the public school system? There can be no doubt.

A young priest stated recently that if this trend continues, it is not out of the realm of possibility that priests will, in the next decade or so, be arrested and jailed for refusing to officiate at homosexual “marriages” That is how serious this threat is. Will this threat be met with the crusader, militant spirit needed to stop it – the spirit of the Cristeros depicted in the new movie “For Greater Glory”? Will the November election reveal who is really on the side of the Good Lord and His Holy Church? Pray for zeal and victory in November.